Jayce's Background

In May of 2012 after just turning 5 years old Jayce was going through something unusual. He was excessively thirsty and almost constant urination. His attitude had changed, he just wasn't himself. We decided to take him to the doctor to see what was going on. We're sitting in the doctors office describing everything to the doctor patiently waiting for him to tell me its nothing. I notice the doctor get this concerned look on his face and pull out his little medical pocketbook type thing and he looks up "Diabetes Mellitus". My heart stopped. The doctor said, "Lets do some labs and we will go from there." I rushed him down to the lab, did bloodwork, and rushed home. Only to sit there. And wait for the phone to ring. A couple hours later the doctors number came up on my phone. I started shaking as I answered the phone. "Hello" I said, "This is ___ I am a nurse for Dr. ___" she said, "Ok..." I said, then came the words I was praying I wouldn't hear. She said "We got Jayce's bloodwork back and his blood sugar is 1000 you need to rush him to Children's Mercy right away." At the time I had NO idea what a blood sugar of 1000 was so I explained how I had another child and was pregnant, I needed to wait for my husband to return home from work so on and so forth. She firmly informed me that I was not to wait he needed to be at the hospital NOW. Panic took over. Once we got to the hospital it was crazy. He was getting poked and proded non stop. What I figured would be a short stay turned out to be a 3 day stay. There we had to learn how to care for our now Type 1 diabetic child before we could bring him home. It was so overwhelming. For all of us. We were all so confused about everything. That day changed our lives forever.